Difference between Cannabis and Hemp

Cannabis’ is the name given to plants in the Cannabaceae family. Within this family, there are three known subspecies: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Now, it would be simple if we could say: hemp is a nickname given to Cannabis Sativa plants, while Cannabis Indica plants are known as marijuana.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is an association with high THC Cannabis that continues to affect the plant’s reputation. Different jurisdictions around the world have established their own THC limits for a Cannabis plant to be classified as hemp. In most of Europe, this limit is 0.2% THC, in Australia, this limit is 1, in the USA it is 0.3% and in Switzerland, it is 1.0%. Hemp has been used by humans for clothing, construction, food, and medicine.

What is Marijuana?

Today, ‘marijuana’ generally refers to Cannabis with a high THC content, which makes the user ‘high’. Unlike Hemp, marijuana is grown mainly for its psychoactive properties, as it has very high levels of THC.

Difference between Cannabis and Hemp

Do you know the difference between Marijuana vs. Hemp? Both marijuana and hemp belong to the Cannabis family and there are quite different uses for each. Let’s know 5 big differences that can make understanding easier:


THC is the cannabinoid that promotes “breeze”, but in addition to its psychoactive effects, it also has medicinal action. Hemp has only traces of THC (approximately 0.3%), while marijuana has an average of 5% THC in its composition.


Hemp grows in almost any condition or climate, whereas marijuana requires specific conditions of heat and humidity. Marijuana is commonly grown indoors so that lighting, temperature, and humidity conditions can be closely controlled, thus maximizing THC levels.


Unlike Cannabis, male plants are not grown alongside females as a way to prevent them from being fertilized, which means that the plant’s energy is directed towards seed production, decreasing the THC concentration of the flowers. Traditionally grown outdoors, Hemp grows well in nature, where male and female plants are sown side by side to stimulate their pollination through the wind. The plant grows vigorously, reaching a height of 2 to 4 meters.


The marijuana leaf displayed on t-shirts and logos, it is the icon of our lifestyle. The hemp leaf is practically the same, only thinner, elongated.


Marijuana has medicinal and social uses (some people call it recreational) while hemp is used for industrial purposes (construction, fuel, fabrics, in addition to some food items). Thus, these are the basic differences, there are many others that directly influence the economy, culture, jobs, and education of any country that adopts the legalization of Cannabis, both hemp, and marijuana.

How to avoid buying the wrong oil

Not all cannabis oils are the same. The quality can vary dramatically based on the type of hemp and the extraction technique used. Incorrect alcohol extracts can leave residues in the oil, and non-organic hemp plants can bring pesticides. Always buy hemp or marijuana oil from a reliable supplier to ensure you are buying a clean, safe, and pure product. Try to use only legal hemp and safe CO₂ extraction techniques. Also, test the oil from independent laboratories that show the levels of cannabinoids and heavy metals.

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